The Bevan Series is a popular annual event held one quarter each year, usually in the format of weekly seminars for 10 weeks, and on occasion as a two-day symposium. The series features internationally recognized experts seeking to examine current issues affecting fisheries and marine conservation, representing as many viewpoints as possible, focusing on solutions to pressing problems. All lectures are free and open to the public.

The Bevan Series is generously funded by the Donald E. Bevan Endowed Fund in Fisheries, the Northwest Fisheries Science Center, the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, and Washington Sea Grant. The Bevan Series was founded by Tanya Bevan as a tribute to her late husband, Don Bevan. Don’s academic career spanned almost 50 years at the University of Washington, during which time he was director of the School of Fisheries and dean of the College of Fisheries. His work focused on the key intersection between science, economics and politics, and he was deeply involved in the enactment and reauthorization of the Magnuson Act, which governs America’s marine fisheries. He worked tirelessly to ensure that fisheries managers, industry and scientists spoke with a unified voice in changing federal regulations, and also helped found what is now the UW School of Marine and Environmental Affairs.

The Bevan Series seeks to continue Don Bevan’s legacy.

The 2018 Bevan Series will be held at the University of Washington in the Fishery Sciences Auditorium (FSH 102) every Thursday afternoon at 4:30 during the Winter academic quarter. The address is 1122 NE Boat Street, Seattle, WA 98105 (map).

2018 Bevan Series

 4 Jan      Ray Hilborn

Professor of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, University of Washington

Is U.S. Fisheries Policy Working? Getting the Message to Congress


11 Jan      Malin Pinsky

Assistant Professor in Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources; Rutgers University

Fish and Fisheries in Hot Water: (How) Do We Adapt?


18 Jan      Lynda V. Mapes

Environment Reporter, The Seattle Times

Truth-telling in the Salish Sea: The Black Art of Communicating Climate Change


25 Jan      Éva Plagányi

Principal Research Scientist, Oceans and Atmosphere; CSIRO, Australia

Caught in the Middle: Sustaining Fisheries in a Changing Climate


 1 Feb      Terrie Klinger

Director and Professor of Marine and Environmental Affairs, University of Washington

The Climate-Chemistry Connection: Sustaining Fisheries in an Acidified Ocean


 8 Feb      Angela Bednarek

Project Director of Environmental Science, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Minding the Gap: Spanning the Boundary Between Science and Policy


15 Feb      Christina Hicks

Lecturer in Political Ecology, Environment Centre; Lancaster University

Towards Socially and Nutritionally Sensitive Fisheries


Stitched 34 Jersey Ricky Orange College Williams 22 Feb    Loren McClenachan

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Colby College

Can Historical Ecology Inform Fisheries Sustainability?


Stitched 34 Jersey Ricky Orange College Williams  1 Mar      William Cheung

Associate Professor, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries; The University of British Columbia

Climate Change, Seafood Production and the Future of Fisheries


 8 Mar      Liz Neeley

Executive Director, The Story Collider

Stories and Sense-Making — How Human Minds Fish for Meaning


To find out more about the 2018 Bevan Symposium speakers and their presentation’s focus, please visit the Bevan Speakers page.


Bevan Series Undergraduate Blog

Launched this year, the Bevan Series blog is an educational platform for undergraduate students to write and share informative posts about topics related to sustainable fisheries — from their perspective and in their voices. Feel free to comment, share, subscribe, and follow along as the posts get updated weekly throughout the quarter!


2017 Bevan Series

The 2017 Bevan Series focused on the role of data in sustainable fisheries. Individual speakers discussed the what data is available, what is lacking, and what alternative forms of data could be leveraged. For more information, visit the 2017 Bevan Series page.


Stitched 34 Jersey Ricky Orange College Williams 2016 Bevan Series – Climate, Ecology and Fisheries for Invertebrates: A Symposium to Honor the Legacy of Jose (Lobo) Orensanz

The 2016 Bevan Series was a 2-day symposium on April 21-22, 2016. The event focused on commercially important marine invertebrate fisheries of the North Pacific region, including: crab, shrimp, oysters, scallops, geoducks. The Symposium was held in memory of the legacy of Jose (Lobo) Orensanz. Speakers from around the country, as well as from far afield, presented on topics ranging from the biology and ecology of invertebrates, to how they are assessed and managed, to how fisheries impact the communities that depend on them.


2015 Bevan Series

The 2015 Bevan Series was organized around a collection of current controversies in fisheries, with small groups of speakers to provide alternative perspectives on the issues at hand. Discussions included commercial whaling, seafood certification, the efficacy of marine protected areas, and inter-sectoral allocation in fisheries management.

Watch 2015’s recorded broadcasts and view past seminars.

For more info, contact: Andre Punt at or 206-221-6319.

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